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up-2-sports for Mac and Windows (Freeware)
Please use this software tool to upload workout data recorded with your iPod and the Nike+ chip to
Software Download packages
up-2-sports for Mac
for PowerPC, Intel
up-2-sports for Windows
for Windows XP, Vista
Coming soon
License agreements
iPod, iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.; Windows XP and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc.
User instructions:

After saving the software to your computer unpack the zip-file with a double-click to your program folder.

If iTunes is set to autostart as soon as you connect your iPod, please be sure that you have selected "activate volume mode" in the iPod options panel.
When launching up-2-sports for the first time, please use Setup to enter your login information.
If the computer you use for uploading your workouts is your own or you are planning to use it regularly for uploading your data, we recommend saving your login information on this computer. Just click Save and exit the Setup window.

The up-2-sports main window displays a list of all workouts, which you have saved onto your iPod until today. Select Upload all to upload all your workouts at once or select each file you wish to upload.
Already uploaded workouts can't be uploaded again, if they have not been deleted on the portal previously.