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1-2-sports Community – we rock your Sports

Faster. Tougher. Together.

We, the founders, the 1-2-sports team and even our business partners are active athletes in our spare time. That is why you can find in 1-2-sports active athletes in over 200 types of sports – the one and only sport that we do not support is: being-a-couch-potato-and-eating-chips.

1-2-sports is more fun, is more motivation for your workout, is a challenge, is competition.

1-2-sports - THE REAL THING.

1-2-sports – is fun

1-2-sports is the best way to show your sports performance and who you are:

Your Profile with photo album, training log, performance stats, GPS tracks, event planner, personal race reports and more. This is the ideal platform for sharing your passion with other sports addicted fellows. Whereas your friends at a party might reply: “Ok, buddy, we know mountain biking is great. But please, let’s change the subject for now, will you.”

1-2-sports members do really understand your hobbies. Tell us your last marathon report from start to end – we’ll love it, and we’ll write our comments into your guest book. - We are one in mind.

1-2-sports is your training planner

Do you know the best online training log? – Take a break.

Do you know the best online training log? – Take a break. Perhaps you are using an excel spreadsheet or the like. Does it show you your accelerating line of progress? Do you have an evaluation of your calorie usage? Does it record your heart rate? No, just have a look at what we built for you. However, as a matter of fact only a training log will you be able to plan your workouts in an efficient way, just like professionals do. Use the 1-2-sports training planner and you will become faster, stronger, tougher – don’t work out without it.

1-2-sports motivates

1-2-sports is by far the best method online of fighting against your inner laziness. We all know these ones:

  • Oh, not right now, I`ll go later.
  • It is raining.
  • First I’ve got to fix the flat tire.
  • The heating system doesn’t work at the Gym.

1-2-sports is the cure against those excuses. The encouragement of the community helps in incredible ways, a comment in your guestbook or a personal note can work wonders:

“Great Martina, don’t give up. Only 5 more 20-mile races and you will rock New York City Marathon.”

“Hi Irina, I know how tough it is until you find the fun in running, but it will come.”

“Hi John. Not too long ago I experienced a big slump in my energy level after a long training session. Now I make sure that I always take along 2 energy bars and plenty of coke. That hits the spot and every cell inside of me gets pumped up ;-))) Keep going …”

1-2-sports is your event and competition planner

The 1-2-sports event calendar is incredible. You will find the events in an orderly overview and if you notice an event is missing, just add it yourself. All participating 1-2-sports members can enter their times and compare them with others in the community.

The 1-2-sports event planner has a handy built-in bulletin-board function, where everyone may leave a note.

“Ok, if you want to have a pacemaker you can cycle in my slipstream at a pace of 25 mi.”

“Will we meet again to take a picture? 45 minutes before the start. Please answer.”

“I wish you all the best, even if I am not able to participate this time. You can do it…;))) run run run!

Afterwards the emotions are high:

“Super run. Steve, you are incredible – and especially in your age class 60. I am totally jealous ;-)))”

“I was so tired at 12 miles but then you came and pulled me along. Thank you that helped so much- - My first half marathon- Yahoo!!”

Who took those awesome pictures? Especially the one taken when Barack passed George - 3 yards before the finish line. Barack we are all proud of you, you are so cool;-)).”;

1-2-sports is your event planner

1-2-sports has a detailed event calendar for sporting events with pictures and bulletin board. Our members add local sports competitions in our event calendar. This way you will be informed not only about the big events, but also about the small local ones in your area.

Register yourself as participant for the event in the calendar and afterwards you can find out your ranking within the community, you can exchange your experiences and upload pictures.

1-2-sports is perfect route planning and editing (GPS or by foot;-)

Manually or with your newest cool-state-of-the-art-high-tech GPS cell phone or other sports computer, you can optimally manage your routes; evaluate, add to, comment on or upload pictures. But best of all, you can organize them into your training schedule.

  • Mondays cycle around Lake Tahoe (very long distance)
  • Wednesdays commute to work through London on inline skates (warm up)
  • Thursdays run through Hyde Park (interval training)
  • Saturdays at the public pool with the kids - 500 m freestyle …

The 1-2-sports track archive has already over 50.000 tracks. So when you go on vacation somewhere, you will be able to find the best local routes.

1-2-sports keeps you fit and makes you smart

If you continually use 1-2-sports you will live a healthier life and you will improve your intelligence. Recent research has shown that

  • … thrusts increase the density of your bones. The recipe against osteoporosis is not running less but more!
  • … people who are fit even over 60 years old can run a marathon – the heart pumps stably.
  • … exercise activates the reward center of the brain and releases joy hormones.
  • … regular physical training improves brain cell regeneration..

It’s up to you – Join now!